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hey! i wasn't necessarily going to apply here, but i was going to get all of you hotties to participate in a little rating thing i'm doing!! I'm using this to assemble a new group, and i figured you guys would be the best to help me judge for the officers!

it'll only take a second, and you don't have to do it if you don't want to. but i would love if you guys would help me out!

put these pictures of these cuties in the order from which one you think is the hottest to the least--- the pictures are numbered-- respond to this with numbers (and comments if you want! comments would be GREAT!) so put the number of the pictures from your choices of hottest to least

pixCollapse )

so when you respond put: example: 4, 3, 5, 1, 2.... ya know??

ok!! Thank you guys SO MUCH, you guys are WONDERFUL! stay hot!!

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Oh, dear.

Another dead community.

Fear not, darlings! beautyandbitch is one of
THE MOST WELL-ESTABLISHED and controversial ratings communities on LJ!

Sure, getting in is tough, but you'll make awesome friends for the long term.

Our members are HOT and INTELLIGENT.

Seriously, kids, check us out. See for yourself.


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Are you one of those girls who desperately need make-up so they can look hot?

Are you confident enough that you look very pretty w/out it?

Are you a Natural Beauty?

If you said 'Yes' to the two last questions, then this community is for you.

Join truly_natural
Join truly_natural
Join truly_natural

This isn't your typical rating community, because unlike the others, we rate you for what you where born with and not for the mask you put on.

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sorry, but this community is officially CLOSED!

due to lack of members or accepted members actually voting, this community is now closed. you can check out these other great communities though!